Feb 21, 2013


A lot of you may already know polyvore, but i still wanted to do a little post on it. So i made an account like.. two years ago, lost my password and made a new account one year ago. The last time i've made a new set on polyvore was sooo long ago. Today i was kind of bored.. so i decided to go on polyvore. I kind of forgot how much fun it was for me to design and create something you might have in your vision. Also looking back on some of your older sets, ha! If you check out my previous post, you can see my latest post on polyvore with some cool trends that are very hot at the moment!

So if you have a polyvore account don't forget to follow me! :) I'll also be looking on your accounts and follow the ones i like. Click HERE for my account.

little update:
I'll be buying a good-quality camera soon so i can start taking photographs of my outfits and other fashion related things!

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