Feb 16, 2013

Shades 2013

Sunglasses are a great accessory. I would wear them everyday if i could, but here in Holland the sun doesn't show very often.
Do you want to protect your your eyes against the warm summer sun or the bright winter sun? what the reason might be, a good pair of sunglasses are a necessity.
The styles variate a lot. There's something for everyone, literally everyone. there's so much to choose from. think of any color, style, etc.

Cat eyes sunglasses: 
These are so feminine, definitely one of my favorite style of sunglasses. They are vintage looking and just.. timeless. These sunglasses would look so good on someone with with a square, diamond or hert face. Then again, please don't limit your choices! Wear what you like and remember to try as many styles as possible

Multi-colored mirror sunglasses:
I love the look these sunglasses give. It's very different, i haven't seen many people wearing these here in Holland. They're so diverse, you can really spice up your outfit with these sunglasses. I already know i'm getting a pair!

(Image source:  fashionising.com, clearlycontacts.ca)

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