May 19, 2013


It wasn't a warm and sunny day yesterday. It was kind of cloudy and a little chilly even. So i decided to wear my wool sweather and a leather jacket to keep me warm. I have a lot of sunglasses, so i always carry one in my bag. This was the one i 'wore', i didn't actually get to wear it since the weather kind of sucked.. but if i would have, these sunnies would be the ones i would have worn.
I paired it with some simple blue jeans, nothing special, just keepin' it casual. For shoes i wore my black converse. I went to my local supermarket with two of my best friends, to get some groceries for the night. We met with the whole girls group and had a really fun, laid-back girls night with lots of food and drinks. 

Getting back on topic, i decided to put my stuff in my chestnut colored bag. It's really a great size, not too big, not too small. Perfect for shopping or if i'm just hanging out with my friends.  
For some color i wore coral cheecks, lips and added a gorgeous coral necklace that my mom got from morocco. It was hers, but she told me i could have it. The necklace is made of real gemstones so the quality of this necklace is really nice. 

A ring that my mother bought in the beautiful Villagio mall in Qatar.

The sunglasses and bag i was carrying yesterday.

(Images: all mine).

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