May 6, 2013


Gorgeous color right?! I've had this nail polish for a while now, but i didn't use it often. So instead of neglecting this pretty color, i decided to wear it again. I usually prefer 'cream' finishes, but let's be honest, this color is amazing. I think the shimmers add something 'mysterious' if that makes any sense..
In my opinion it's the perfect navy color - not too bright, not too dark. 

Here you can see me wearing the nail varnish. I've been wearing it for three days, if i'm not mistaking. I didn't notice any chipping apart from some 'fading/chipping' at the tips of my nails. That's really a record for me. Usually in two days i can see the first signs of chipping.. no matter what brand nail polish i'm wearing (i have very, very weak nails, that's the reason i like to keep them short!) For the layers of nail polish, i'm currently wearing one. It's very pigmented, so you could still get away with one layer!
I might add one more layer later this week since i didn't have any patience - painting my nails, wating.. no i wasn't in the mood, haha! 
If i could change one thing, i would change the applicator! It has a thin brush, it's fine i guess.. but i do prefer a thicker brush - just because you can easily paint your nails!

Color: 650 - Midnight blue 

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