May 4, 2013


My new obsession. Immediately when i saw this Sleek blush at the BG party (click HERE to read all about it) i knew i had to have it. I've been using it since the day i got it, and i love it so far. The color, the finish, everything. It's a matte blush, which i didn't have before, don't ask me how! I only had blushes with a shimmer to them. This is definitely the blush that i use most right now, on a daily basis. 
It's very pigmented, but blends very nicely into my skin. When i take a look around my other blushes, i see i have a lot of bronzy and brown colors and literally one other color,  kind of a dark/deep raspberry color, very pretty. But on a daily basis i like to keep it simple and natural by wearing a brown/bronzy blush. I like the color it adds to my face, yet being very subtle and natural. 

I've been experciencing some complications though.. i have a rash around my eyes/ above my cheekbones - not pretty - and only getting worse.. It looks so, so weird. I'm still trying to figure out how that goes and if it's caused by the blush.  I have a feeling it isn't the blush, but a new make up remover i've been using, but i'll keep you guys updated! Let's keep our fingers crossed that it isn't this gorgeous blush causing this awful rash.. 

Have you ever tried a blush by Sleek? if so, did/do you like their blushes?!

 Look at this gorgeous color!


Very pigmented

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