May 12, 2013


Big, bold & silver.
It's definitely a statement piece. In my opnion it's bold, yet simple. I love it, so pretty! 
The balance between the big 'stones' and the calm, suttle colors is why i bought this necklace in the first place. I haven't worn this necklace in ages! I wouldn't wear this necklace on a daily basis, since it's quite 'in your face' but i have worn it to some parties. I actually do think you could get away with it if you're wearing it with a very casual outfit, a black blazer, a simple white v-neck, some light washed jeans,etc.  
My favorite way i've ever worn it has to be with my dark purple/eggplant  colore 'sleeved'  dress (it doens't have a sleeve, but it has one strap on my left shoulder). The necklace really made the outfit - aah, i just love the look this necklace gives.
This has to be my favorite statement necklace of the ones i own! I bought it almost two years ago - wow, time goes by so fast! I purchased it at V&D (€17,95). 

(Images: all mine).

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