Jun 22, 2013


I'm in love with this color. I've had this nailpolish for a while now, but i haven't worn it much. 
I think this is like the third time i've ever worn it, but i'm loving it!
It's such a fun color, it's kind of blue/purple-ish. I don't really know, in the bottle it looks more blue though. Don't mind my short nails, they grow pretty fast but they break so easily! 

Mother nature is confused or something.. one day the sun will be out and it's super hot, but the next day it's consantly raining, clouds are grey, can you see the confusion here?!

This nail polish is from a brand called Catrice. I don't think all the countries sell this brand, some countries in europe however do. I don't think you can still get this, since it was from a limited edition collection.. it's called 'C04 - Feel the yacht beat'.

The coverage isn't too great, but add a second coat and you're good. The consistency is very good to work with, the polish goes on very smoothly without any bumps or anything like that. 

I did browse the internet for some dupes. Check out Orly's 'Snowcone' It isn't the same exact color but it's close! Also, check out China Glaze's 'Bohemian Escape'. This color isn't a perfect match. It's a little bit more 'baby blue', but it's close!

(Images: all mine)

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