Jun 23, 2013


This Mi Moneda necklace is definitely one of my favorite accesories. I got it from my parents and i love it. It's simple and easy to combine with outfits on a daily basis. I've had this necklace for quite sometime now and i still love it. I had a time where i 'forgot' about it, but my love for this necklace is back. I think i wear it at least two times a week.

Like i said before, it's such a simple piece. Because of this necklace being so suttle, you can wear it with sooo many outfits. I don't think it goes with everything though.. because i don't like every outfit with long necklaces. Some just look better with a short necklaces. 

What i love about these necklaces is that you can customize it to your personal preferences. You can choose between silver, gold and rose gold. So for instance if you want a rose gold chain, a silver lock and silver coin. It's all up to you! isn't that amazing?! 

You could also pick a silver chain, a silver lock and have the coins be different colors. This way you can change up the coins on a daily basis if you wanted to. The variety is endless.

The sizes of these locks and coins differ between: small, medium and large (this means they're also priced differently, the bigger the lock or coin, the higher the price). This also goes for the color of your necklace. They're on the pricey side, but it is 925 sterling silver, yellow gold and rose gold.

There are so many chains you can choose from, thicker- or thinner ones, short- or longer ones, etc. It all comes down to personal preference. That's what i like about these necklaces. You can personally customize one for yourself, a friend, loved one, etc.

I'll put a link HERE. I'm not quite sure if they ship world wide. I do know that they ship to (some) countries in Europe!

(Images: all mine)

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