Jun 18, 2013


Perfect little bag!

GREEN. A color that i never really liked or paid any attention to to be honest... but since my taste in the fashion has changed a lot in the past year and i'm always open for a change, i'm really beginning to start liking this gorgeous color. Especially the darker shades. I always saw so many green shades that i didn't like so i when i would see the color green i would immediately think "no."
But the truth is there are some pretty green shades! 

Since the weather is getting better in Holland, i'm starting to wear more colors again, step-by-step though.. but i'm getting there! I'm really used to dark colors such as grey, black, navy blue, etc.

The sun really makes me crave the summer and some color in my wardrobe. Recently i've been loving wearing fun and bright colored accessories: bags, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Since i'm really in need of some green in my wardrobe, i'll be definitely buying myself a pair of jeans or a cute jacket in this gorgeous color. You should too if you haven't already! If you're not feeling it, just try wearing something 'small', for instance a necklace, bag, clutch, etc.

I'm loving this outfit

Personal update:
First and foremost, let my start by apologizing for not blogging much these past weeks. I've been incredibly busy with school and my internship. I have been procrastinating like crazy! I always know that the last weeks before the summer vacation are going to be hectic. for instance with teachers bombing us with assignments, yet i don't (want to) realize this until the last weeks are here. Then there's my internship, 8.30AM - 5.00PM. Once i get home i'm always so lazy, it's crazy. I don't feel like doing anything, one of the things i usually do is go on tumblr, watch one of the MANY shows i follow (i've recently been watching a lot of O.C. and Nip Tuck). But since i'm getting off-topic here i guess this was today's post!
By the way, i got a new camera.. you guys, this can only mean one thing.. lookbooks coming soon! 

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