Jun 2, 2013


Polka dots are everywhere. I've been seeing them in so many different stores. They'll definitely be making a comeback this summer. I did however see this lovely pattern in the winter time on the runways. But you know how trends work, they come and go all the time.

I personally don't own a lot of polka dotted clothes, i do like them though. 
It really does depend on how you style them, because it can look kind of  'old fashioned' and a little dowdy. 

I have seen some amazing maxi skirts with cool patterns, which some were.... polka dotted! Perfect for this upcoming summer, if you ask me. You can style your polka dotted clothing piece in sooo many ways! 
Think of leather jackets - to give it more of an edgy look, maxi skirts combined with a muscle tee tucked in, or with a cropped top for a laid back and casual look, polka dotted trousers with a jacket, etc.

It all comes down to styling, it always does! How you style something can completely change your outfit. 
I can't wait to go out and buy some polka dotted clothes, this is also a pattern that is one of the few that will always remain trendy.

Poppy Delevingne is looking fabulous with her polka dotted trousers.

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