Jul 20, 2013


I'm loving this trend. I've been seeing these flower patterned clothes in so many stores. I'm especially lovin' the flower patterned jackets/blazers and trousers. It looks so girly and sophisticated, yet you could dress it down and look casual. Love it, he choices are endless.

If this is a little too much for you, but still want to participate in wearing some cool flower patterned clothing, you could look for accesories with flower prints. Think of clutches, bags, etc. OR you could still wear flower patterned trousers- but instead of the flowers being pink, yellow, or whatever color, go for black and white flowers. It will look more suttle and very chic!

I myself have a blazer that is navy blue and has some vague flowers on it, it's very suttle and i just love wearing it. 
I also have some light pink shorts that have pastel colored flowers on them, SO CUTE! (will be shown in an upcoming OOTD!)

Let me know in the comments what you guys think of the flower patterned clothing! This trend is HOT this summer! 

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