Jul 12, 2013


Two or three weeks ago I bought these running shoes at DAKA in Rotterdam. My twin sister also bought the same pair. We had already been looking for good (and pretty haha!) running shoes. So when we saw these we immediately knew we both had to get our selves a pair! 

Since i bought them i've been trying to run atleast two to three times a week. Since last year i've been more into 'health' and trying to consume less junkfood, i've been doing quite good! I still love my occasional potato chips, fries, McDonalds, candy, etc!

Next to eating 'healthier', I didn't work-out or do anyting active. One of my excuses used to be: "I can't run, I don't have any running shoes!". Well those days are over! 
I really didn't want to run in some random shoes and ruin my feet. I already have some issue's with my feet and I really wanted to invest in some running shoes.

They run great - they're very light, bouncy and super comfy!

The day i got these babies, i immediately went for a run with my sister and a good friend of mine. 
I used to cycle everyday to school, but since I use the tram on a daily basis to go to school, i literally don't do anything 'active'. 

I'm kind of a lazy person when it comes to sports and stuff. But i really don't mind running! As long as it isn't pouring outside or something. The feeling after a run is amazing. I feel so good! 

I think the original price was somewhere around €90,00 but i bought them for €69,99. Great price if you ask me! 

Images: all mine.

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