Jul 2, 2013


White nails. They were already huge last year and the year before that, but recently i've been spotting them more and more often. Especially in magazines, on other blogs, backstage at the runways, tumblr, etc. I love the look they give, i can't really explain it. What i also like about wearing white nail polish, is that my nails look so 'clean'. Am i the only one?! It's something i always have with lighter nail polish colors.
Not everyone is a fan of white nail polish though. Some people think it looks like Tipp-ex (-a white correction fluid). 

I personally love white nail polish. I never wear specific colors in the summer (or winter), although with white, I only wear it in the summer. The same goes for some other colors and it also depends what mood i'm in, etc. 

In the picture up here you can see that the person doesn't have a glossy finish, it has a velvet finish! 
I haven't seen this before, only matte, glossy and lace. It's very different from what i'm used to, but i love it! 
Especially on the white nails, i don't know if this would look on other colors too, but i love this look on white nail polish.

What are some of your favorite colors to wear in the summer?!

Image: feedmefashion.com


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