Aug 27, 2013


These are just some random pictures i wanted to upload a little while ago. These pictures were taken in my garden somewhere in July, some days before my long holiday (1 month).

I had so much fun on my holiday. Family, sun, pools, palm trees, fresh smoothies & fruit, etc. Where did the time go?! Is there a 'Restart summer here'-button somewhere..? Those 4 weeks went by way too fast! 
But i'm back in Holland and have my blog-modus ON, no more slacking! (i've posted some pictures on Instagram and a couple of videos on Vine! (Arwa Mukhtar, you won't be able to find me unless you put a space between my first and last name).

I hope all of you enjoyed your summer, tell me what you've been up to or where you went this summer in the comments! 

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  1. Nice outfit, want to follow eachother? Really good blog, feel free to check out our lastest post xx