Sep 15, 2013


 I LOVE berry colored make-up, clothes and nail polishes. I've had this nail polish for quite a while now, over a year i think. I used to wear it a lot! especially in the fall- it's so pretty! On the picture it looks a little bit lighter than it actually is in person.

The substance is perfect. It's not too thick, not too watery. I used two coats and my nails look very well coated! I actually wanted to insert a picture of my nails, but since i paint my nails like a three year old, i thought that wouldn't be such a great idea. 
I may post a twitpic or something tomorrow, when my nails look decent! ;-) (am i the only one who, if i messed up my nail polish, i'll be too lazy to remove it with a cotton swab and just wait till the next day and scrub it off in the morning when i'm in the shower?! Haha! that's what i do, unless i have to go somewhere that same day).

Something i don't like about this polish is that it doesn't stay on too long, before it starts chipping. Maybe it's because i have very weak nails and my nail polish always starts chipping after 5/6 days, but with this nail polish i remember that it always starts chipping after 3 days or something. Still love using these NYC nail polishes though!

Proof that my nail polish literally gets everywhere.. I told you guys i paint my nails like a little kid..

Have you tried these NYC nail polishes, if so- let me know in the comments what you think! 

(Images: all mine)

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