Sep 19, 2013


I'm loving the pigmentation of this blush!

Hello everyone! Isn't this blush just gorgeous?! I'll be honest, i'm more a terracotta-type a gal, but i couldn't resist this gorgeous baby! I bought it quite a while ago actually (one/two years ago, i can't remember.. haha!), when we still had Sephora stores in Holland. 
It's really a shame that Sephora is no longer in Holland, i loved all the brands they sold! 

I sometimes wear this blush i'm going out or if i have a party or something. You can see i haven't worn it a lot, even though i have had it quite some time now. 

On a day to day basis i like to use one of my terracotta bronzers or my bronze/peach blushes. I tend to stick to those colors because i find that they look very natural and simple. I love the colors, they give this warm and fresh look to the cheeks. 

The shimmers in this blush are insane, so pretty! It gives such a healthy glow (don't over do it though, there are A LOT of shimmers!).
I'm actually thinking that this blush could also work amazing  as an eyeshadow, perfect for the fall time! 

Sephora - Brun No. 12
(Images: all mine)

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