Oct 15, 2013


Hey gals! 
I love wearing liquid liner, it really defines the eyes and i find that it makes the eyes stand out even more than just with some mascara. There are different ways to wear your eyeliner but my favorite one HAS to be the winged eyeliner though! At the moment i love using this eyeliner by Catrice. It's super black (and has a matte finish, that's deinifitely a plus point for me) and easy to apply. It stays on all day and doesn't fade away troughout the day.

The applicator is really thin and kind of like a 'marker', i find it great for making a precise line! The substance is perfect. I've used a lot of different eyeliners, high-end and budget ones. Some were quite thick or too runny. This is definitely one of my favorite budget ones. 

The color is '010 Dating Joe Black'. And as i mentioned- the pigmentation is really good.
I recommend you buy this eyeliner if you are still looking for one and don't want to spend a lot of money! (€3,79)

(Images: all mine)
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