Oct 8, 2013


Hey gals! I'm still obsessed with light nail polishes. I've been wearing thhis color the past week, and i'm loving it! Normally i get sick of a color quite soon and i change it every 5/6 days, but i think i've worn this color 2 times in the past 3 weeks!

I love how my nails look after i painted them with this pretty and suttle color, so 'clean'. 
If that makes any sense.. haha! 
It's by Essence from the Nude Glam collection. I'm pretty sure you can still get it! I bought mine at Kruidvat (a drugstore we have in Holland). 
Color: Essence Nude Glam Nr. 3.
The nailpolish is kind of sheer, so i usually apply two to three coats. I love that it's really shiny and doesn't chip very easily! (especially on my brittle and weak nails...)

(Images: all mine)
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