Oct 4, 2013


Hey guys, so since i'm in the city all the time (because of my internship), surrounded by all these different kind of stores, most of the time i end up buying something. 
You could see it as a 'collective haul' since i bought some of these items seperately in the past 2/3 weeks. 

I took these pictures somehwere last week and i did buy some more things since then but those items will be featured in another post upcoming week- maybe an OOTD or something. So stay tuned for that! ;-)

I'm loving the colored pants i bought. I usually tend to wear blue denim jeans or black ones. But you've got to spice your wardrobe up once in a while, right?! 
The scarf is sooo soft and huge! It's going to be perfect for when it gets REALLY cold!
I also bought a simple white blouse with a checkered pattern, i love it. I've already worn it a few times since i bought it. Then, one of my all time favorite perfumes, YSL - Elle. Ugh, it smells soooo good.. I can't tell you enough how much i love this scent. 
In the last picture you can see a gorgeous long sleeved shirt. It's see-through at the arms and above the chest and back (not the whole back) aaaand.. it has polka dots! 

(Images: all mine)
Cobalt blue jeans - New Look, 
Scarf - H&M, 
White blouse H&M, 
YSL - Elle, 
Green jeans - H&M, 
Hair clip - Kruidvat, 
Long sleeved polka dot shirt - H&M

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