Nov 26, 2013


Hey gals!

So i thought it would be fun to show you what i carry around in my make-up bag. These products are what i carry around on a daily basis, obviously everyone has different things in their make-up bag since not everyone wears the same make-up. I like to take my make-up with me, just incase i need to fix something. It's not that i smudge some more on every other hour. For example when it rains and i don't have an umbrella with me, i get to school and see that my mascara or powder has worn off, it that case, i will fix what needs to be fixed, haha! 

What i take with me are basic things, nothing too much. A powder + powder brush, mascara (i kept it in the box so it won't smudge in the makeup bag and i don't get it on other products. Several lipsticks (different colors), a lipgloss, a mirror and a little glass bottle filled with perfume. I like to use this so i don't have to carry a full size perfume bottle with me. everytime it's empty i fill it with another scent. 

Make-up bag: H&M €4,95

(Images: all mine)
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