Dec 20, 2013


(Images: all mine)

I love using this Aussie hair conditioner. It makes my hair smell really good, feel soft and yes, really.. frizz free! I especially see a difference when i leave my hair natural (i have naturally curly- but frizzy hair caused by my excessive use of heat...).  

The conditioner smells delicious, it kind of reminds me of candy and bubblegum, yum! Another thing that i like, which isn't important or anything, but i still want to share it; is that the conditioner is a gorgous blue color (my favorite shade of blue!).

I'd recommend this conditioner if you want soft, frizz free and good smelling hair. If your hair is dry and your hair needs a lot of moisture, i wouldn't recommend you this particular one. I'd say go for something thicker or a hair mask. 

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