Jan 14, 2014


(Images: all mine)

Dry hair and damaged hair.. something i struggle with. Luckily, there are many methods out there to help solve my problems, one of them being: hair oil! A lot of people i know wouldn't even think about using a hair oil because they think it will make their hair greasy, not knowing it will make your hair softer, shiny, moisturized and look more healthy!

You could use it on wet hair, dry hair, it's really up to you! You could use it as a serum or even mix it in a home made hair mask. The list of choices is endless. It applies very easy and because it's silicone free it won't weigh my hair down! I can't exactly describe the scent, but it smells really good!

I've been using a lot of hair oils, conditioners, etc. because i really want to treat my hair better this year!
I've been horrible for the past three/four years, i would use (almost) everyday! And what's the consequence? Heat damage, breakage (a lot of it) and last but definitely not least, my curls are.. messed up, to say the least.. I'm not saying i'll never use heat on my hair again, because knowing myself, i know i will. But i do want to reduce the amount of heat and wear it curly more often, instead of always straightening my hair.

Overall, i would definitely recommend this hair oil if you want soft and shiny hair!

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