Mar 4, 2014


(Images: all mine)

Before I tried this lipstick, I wasn't a huge fan of the Essence lipsticks because they lacked pigmentation, weren't moisturizing and the packaging just didn't do it for me. But it seems like they added a new collection, the Long Lasting Lipsticks (even though they aren't very long lasting, but hey- I don't mind! They're very soft, creamy and for the price of the lipstick I don't think you can even complain...) 
The packaging looks so much better, very chic compared with how the other lipsticks looked. Also, the other things I pointed out improved!

Berry colored lipsticks are one of my favorite lipstick colors to wear. It's an easy and simple way to add some color to the rest of your face. This lipstick has great pigmentation for a budget lipstick and also feels gentle and soft on the lips, so you won't have to worry about getting dry and chapped lips trough out the day.

€2,39 × Kruidvat


  1. Loving this color! Staat je vast suuuuper goed! Xxx

    1. Mooi is 'ie he! Aw, bedankt babe! xxx