Mar 16, 2014


 (Images: all mine)

I'm a huge perfume lover, I already own enough- but I just couldn't help myself. Versace has some amazing fragrances. For instance Versace Bright Crystal, if you haven't smelled that one- you literally don't know what you're missing, it smells amazing in my opinion. This fierce smelling fragrance kind of reminds me of the bright crystal but it's a bit heavier and I honestly can't explain how good it smells! 

The notes in the fragrance:
× Star apple
× Patchouli
× Rose
× Kumquat

Additional notes include:
× Musk
× Lemon
× Orange blossom
× Stephanotis
× Ambrette seeds 

The bottle looks very simple, yet they added a little extra by making the bottle gradient purple. Have you ever tried this fragrance? If not, I highly suggest you do.

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