May 5, 2014


(Images: all mine)

My friends and I had a blast at the Beautygloss pre-party, as I had already mentioned in my previous post. In that previous blog post I showed you guys what was in the goodie bag, now it’s time to show you guys what I bought myself! It isn't much, but I’m very happy with the stuff that I did buy!

As you can see I only bought nail polishes and lipsticks. I don’t wear eye shadows, even though I do own some pallets and what not.  I just don’t like eye shadow on me, it just doesn't suit me. I’m more a mascara and liquid eyeliner kind of gal!

I just had to buy those gorgeous nail varnishes. I mean, have you seen those colours?

Those baby-pink colours, absolutely gorgeous and girly. And then, for days I want a more daring and edgy colour, I can rock the black varnish. It has this pretty navy blue shimmer, love it!

I’m also very excited about the lipsticks. I didn't own any tangerine or peach coloured lipsticks.. so I think you can understand that I had to change that  immediately!
I bought two Revlon lipsticks and one Bourjois lipstick. The Bourjois is a very pretty natural/rosy coloured lipstick, perfect for everyday use, if you ask me. The Revlon lipsticks are both in the ‘orange range’, tangerine and peach. I think I’ll be using those a lot for summer and even now, for spring! They are so creamy and soft, I love them already. 

And then... last, but definitely not least! Mascha Feoktistova's book; "Happy Life". I am beyond stoked to have bought- and to be reading this book. I've already started, and i'm really enjoying what I've read so far! My copy is signed by her, which is very cool in my opinion. I really look up to her, along side thousands of other girls! Because, not only is her blog and are her videos on YouTube so much fun, but also because she's very kind and down to earth! (I've met her two times now, at her parties, and she's so sweet). This book is my favorite thing I bought at the party! 

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  1. Love the lipsticks, especially the purple-y one
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