May 18, 2014


(Images: all mine)

Last week I went on a school trip to Berlin and besides visiting a lot of museums and doing some sight seeing, my classmates and I went shopping! Obviously I had to buy some goodies while I was there.. I mean, c'mon can you blame me?!

I should also say that I didn't photograph all off the stuff that I bought, like for instance two plain black tank tops that I bought at Forever 21, because I thought that would be kind of boring and I also couldn't take a proper photo with the rest of the products. And a super hydrating blood-orange conditioner, but I forgot to take that one out of the shower for the picture.. but to make things alright, i'll write a review about it- so don't get mad, haha! The brand of the conditioner is "Balea". I purchased it at DM (it's a drugstore I think.). 

I didn't buy a lot, since I went with school and in the short period that we were there, we didn't get a lot of time to shop. I bought the following products at these shops:
× Yankee Candles - Some kind of candle store (I don't have a name, sorry!)
× Mac Blush in 'Peachtwist" - Mac Counter
× Necklace - Forever 21
× Got2b Heat Protectants - DM 
× Kiko nailpolishes - Kiko Store

Have you ever been to Berlin? If so, let me know what your favorite place was/is and where's the best place to shop?!


  1. Oh wauw die MAC blush is echt super mooi! En ga je iets schrijven over de kiko lakjes? Ben namelijk benieuwd naar swatches! :) X

    1. Thank you, ik ben er erg blij mee! :D En yessss, er komt een artikel aan met swatches van de Kiko lakjes- no worries! :) x