May 3, 2014


(Images: all mine)

Last night my friends and I went to the annual Beautygloss Party, this year we went to the pre-party which was 18+. We had fun, laughed, looked around, shopped (of course, haha!) and we took lots of pictures and met some very cool people. 

For those who have no clue what i'm talking about and are thinking, what's this party or what is it about?! It's a party in Amsterdam that the owner of beautygloss- Mascha, holds once a year (she has held four parties now), so her readers can get to meet her, have fun and just enjoy themselves at the party, do workshops, get their nails- hair and make-up done, buy all sorts of beauty things, etc. There's so much to do! This year's theme was J'adore Paris. 

Every year they hand out goodiebags, to thank the readers for coming to the party. This year the goodiebag contained of:
× Dr.Oetker Cheesecake
× Bananarama Juice (I drank a beetle juice kind at the party, which was delicious!)
× Grazia Magazine
× Dr. van der Hoog Mask
× No-Ad sunscreen
× Mini Remington hair brush
× OncePiece silicone bracelet 
× The Master Perfumer // White Lily
× AndrĂ©lon 'Make It Shine Spray'
× Labello lipbalm 
× The Body Shop // Camomile waterproof eye & lip make-up remover

An upcoming post about the stuff I bought at the party is coming soon, so stay tuned! 

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